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Public Money & Management (PMM) is a highly-respected international journal covering finance, policy and management issues in public services. PMM was started over 35 years ago by CIPFA to have an impact on international practice through international research. Professor Andrew Massey is the Editor of PMM , Professor Andreas Bergmann is Deputy Editor and Lord Bichard is Chair of the Editorial Advisory Board. PMM is a valuable resource for academics, politicians and policy-makers, consultants and advisors, practitioners in all types of public service organizations, journalists, and students on both academic and professional courses. PMM publishes papers and articles which contribute new knowledge as a basis for policy or management improvements, or which reflect on evidence from public service management and finance. PMM 's papers are rigorously refereed by both an academic and a practitioner to ensure impact and quality. The editors welcome contributions from a broad international perspective, which offer critical examinations or undertake comparative analyses. In order to maintain the interests of our readership, the editors look for overall balance in coverage of topics and locations in PMM . Where there is particular interest in one area, PMM publishes themed issues which are guest edited by a well-known specialist in that area. PMM 's themes are highly topical and have international application.