Decidim.index. Miriam Sol & Carla Cordoncillo: Systems of indicators of quality

Notes from the Decidim.index: indices for the democratic quality of online participation, organized by and held in Barcelona, Spain, on 19 January 2018. More notes on this event: decidim-index.

Miriam Sol & Carla Cordoncilo: evaluation system for the programme of active democracy

The system was designed after the logical framework approach. A matrix of indicators (simple and complex indicators) was created and then came the design of the sources of verification. Finally, the evaluation system was created.

Active democracy includes:

  • Citizen initiatives.
  • Participatory processes.
  • Citizen consultations.
  • Participation bodies.

In this project the focus was put on participatory processes.

Main dimensions: accessibility, diversity, plurality, traceability, transparency, operations.

These aspects should not be measured outside of their context, as most of them are very sensitive to it. Thus, quality or achievement of specific thresholds in indicators should be measured in relationship with environmental values. E.g. diversity in participation has different meanings in neighbourhoods that have a multicultural social tissue or in neighbourhoods that are socially or culturally more homogeneous. Less diversity in the latter is to be expected, while low diversity in the former should be considered as a failure.


Decidim.index: indices for the democratic quality of online participation (2018)

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Peña-López, I. (2018) “Decidim.index. Miriam Sol & Carla Cordoncillo: Systems of indicators of quality” In ICTlogy, #172, January 2018. Barcelona: ICTlogy.
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