ICTD2010 (IV). From digital inclusion to information literacy

Notes from the Information and Communication Technolgies and Development — ICTD2010, held at the Royal Holloway University of London, Egham, UK, on December 13-16, 2010. More notes on this event: ictd2010.

From digital inclusion to information literacy
Chair: Brasilina Passarelli, Daisy Grisolia, Fernanda Scur, Mariana Tavernari — Escola do Futuro

Senior people, though they still use the Internet very little, the fraction of users is increasing very fast in recent years (1% in 2006, 3% in 2009).

Indeed, Internet users become very intensive users and use a broad range of online tools. On the other hand, elderly people going online become more independent and, over all, become more independent when it comes to learning about the Internet.

They use more their computers at home, use the Internet to browse about citizenship and health (which makes them different from other Interent users).

Now, the telecentre has shifted from a place where to go online to a place to gather with their peers.

So, what should be the future of this infocentre/telecentre given the new data?


Telecentres/infocentres seem to be fighting for who’s in charge of information literacy, and they should cooperate more.

Michael Downey: Should we force things like infocentres within “ancient” structures? Why not develop something new and organic to support the use of ICTs?

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Information and Communication Technologies and Development (2010)

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