Worshops DEMO: GONG Project, management software for NGOs

Notes from the II Encuentro Internacional TIC para la Cooperación al Desarrollo (Development Cooperation 2.0: II International Meeting on ICT for Development Cooperation) held in Gijón, Spain, on February 10-12th, 2009. More notes on this event: cooperacion2.0_2009. More notes on this series of events: cooperacion2.0.

GONG Project.
Jorge Martín. CENATIC

The CENATIC observatory monitors the development of the Information Society in Spain and makes proposals to foster it. One of its outputs is the GONG project, a software for NGO management.

It’s free software and, of course, relies heavily on existing software, but with a huge effort to integrate all previously existing solutions.

The project is not only software: a virtual community has been created to support and provide support about GONG. This community shares good practices, troubleshooting, etc.

The software is thought to be managed from wherever (runs on a web browser) and using hardware NGOs already have, both at headquarters or on the field. The great thing is that it is possible to work offline and then import all update data to the online platform.

It’s an impressive project and covers a historically demanded need.


Development Cooperation 2.0 (2009)

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