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After some Skype sessions — and the invaluable help of a friend in common (thanks again, Edgar) — I’ve been invited to be a guest lecturer at the Open Seminar 2.0, coordinated by Cristóbal Cobo and John Moravec, organized by the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota, FLACSO-México, FLACSO-Ecuador, and FLACSO-Chile.

The syllabus of the seminar is terrific and one of the one’s you’d like to be taught, so I’m doubly thrilled in taking part in it. The format is also interesting: onsite sessions at both Mexico and the US, virtual asynchronous lectures by means of videos and presentations, and online synchronous sessions using VoIP and other devices and joining all the participants in the same virtual space, thus highly enriching the experience by gathering different perspectives from different countries.

Another asset is that all readings, lectures, materials, etc. will be published open on the site of the seminar.

On my side, I’ll focus on Web 2.0 and presence on the web, adapting some concepts from my article on the personal research portal, but broadening its scope to include the practitioner, the entrepreneur, the politician and shift it towards participation instead of knowledge sharing and management.

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  1. I´m pretty sure that your participation will be of great value for the seminar and the network will grow more and more, Cristóbal is a great guy too so it´s going to be quite interesting seminar. Congratulations.

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