Web 2.0 and Education Seminar (VI): Brian Lamb: It’s all coming apart

Brian Lamb, Department of Emerging Technologies & Digital Content, University of British Columbia (Canada)
Brian Lamb: It’s all coming apart

Originality is overrated: Glenn Gould, William Shakespeare, Rick Prelinger… in one way or another have faced the fact of originality… or if there’s none.

Being open is not a matter of altruism, but a good practice for your self and your own efficiency.

Use information as a flow, not like a thing, Stephen Downes in managing information overload.

The power of positive narcissism: you discover interesting content, people by just tracking back your content, what it’s been told about you, etc.

There’s a problem with that lot of different licenses, confusing the user/creator. And people not using them properly…

As long as you use open formats, they can be reused, or used in several ways/platforms. Also, updating is automatic everywhere that is linking/embedding/feeding from your RSS output. Open APIs is just another way of opening your content, but by opening a function that will retrieve a content.

More than media literacy: data literacy.

Need to solve everything, every schizophrenia now? The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still have the ability to act (F. Scott Fitzgerald). There’re some (lots of them) things that can actually be done just without entering in any contradiction or going against mainstream.

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UOC UNESCO Chair in Elearning Fourth International Seminar. Web 2.0 for Education (2007)

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