Trip to the Berkman Center and Yale Law School

I’m glad to announce… yes, this is how this kind of things begin. This is quite a personal message, but I’m glad to announce that…

From July 16th to 28th, I will be at the Oxford Internet Institute Summer Doctoral Programme 2007, coorganized by and taking place at the Berkman Center of Internet and Society, in Cambridge, MA.

After leaving Cambridge I’ll be at Yale Law School and pay a visit to Eddan Katz and the Information Society Project, at New Haven, presumably on July 30th and 31st.

Besides those already scheduled events, I’m really eager to meet some other people — known or unknown — working on the field of ICT4D, the Digital Divide, Open Access and the Information Society in general and feeling like sharing a coffee. Ben Compaine — with whom I had an interesting discussion here and here — already stated his will to pay ;) one of those coffees. Anybody else interested, please let me know by commenting the message, through the contact section or just e-mailing me.

My flight plan begins landing on New York on July 13th and taking off from New York on August 2nd.


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