1st Catalan Congress on the Social Third Sector: conclusions for the ICT panel

Jaume Albaigès moderated on Friday 23rd, 2007, the panel “New Technologies at the Social Third Sector”, in the framework of the 1st Catalan Congress on the Social Third Sector that took place in Barcelona, Spain.

He is now publishing the main conclusions (in Catalan and in Spanish) for the ICT panel, which in many ways are similar to the ones that came out from the e-Stas symposium on technologies for social action, alsn on Friday 23rd, 2007, but this time in Sevilla, Spain. Some of the points that where debated in Barcelona I freely translate from Jaume Albaigès’s site):

  • Despite general consensus on the benefits of ICTs in many fields, nonprofits still do neither add them to their strategy nor to their day-to-day work, avoiding better performance, efficiency and goal achieving.
  • The digital divide is not only a matter of individuals or social groups, but also affects organizations
  • There is an evident and huge need in training investment. An organizational cultural change is also a must.
  • The role of ICT professionals — specially the ones engaged in nonprofits — should be bridging this cultural divide among techies and non techies.
  • ICTs increase NGOs’ transparency, participation and decision taking
  • ICTs can ease or even increase NGOs’ revenues thanks to online donations and marketing
  • It’s making less and less sense to talk about ICTs as both an external thing or a sector/section within nonprofits: ICTs should be treated as a transversal issue affecting the whole organization

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If you need to cite this article in a formal way (i.e. for bibliographical purposes) I dare suggest:

Peña-López, I. (2007) “1st Catalan Congress on the Social Third Sector: conclusions for the ICT panel” In ICTlogy, #42, March 2007. Barcelona: ICTlogy.
Retrieved month dd, yyyy from https://ictlogy.net/review/?p=530

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  1. I came to your site looking for your sights over e-stas and just found this. You’re quicker than me, sure. ;-) By the way, I just want to tell you there’s a catalan untranslated sentence in the third list paragraph.

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