Open Education 2006 (VII): The Technology of Open Education

Here come my notes on the Open Education 2006: Community, Culture, and Content that we are attending:

Friday, September 29, 2006
Keynote sessions

The Technology of Open Education
Erik Duval, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Learning matters: getting better at getting better.
Open matters: no lock-in but innovoation; collaboration, competition, coopetition; open is where exciting stuff happens.
Technology matters: from scarcity to abundance; clarity of mission is important (what are you goin to do with all this abundance).
Access to all resources. “If we share, we’re halfway there” (Mark Prensky).

The Social Life of Information, John Seely Brown & Paul Duguid

Globe: The Global Learning Objects Brokered Exchange (GLOBE) is an international consortium that strives to make shared online learning resources available to educators and students around the world. The consortium provides a distributed network of learning objects that meet quality standards. GLOBE aims to connect the world and unlock the ‘deep web’ of quality online educational resources through brokering relationships with content providers.

LionShare as a P2P way to also share archives.

Better to rely on open standards that any company’s “open” API.

ALOCoM stands for Another Learning Objetcs Content Model and allows searching and tagging files such as MS Office’s. Just install a plugin on your MS Office suite. Infovis presents a graphical representation of ALOLCoM use.

The paradox of Choice, Barry Schwartz: from scarcity to abundance.

Goal: to generate automatic metadata instead of having to type them.
Attention metadata: track my “behavior” like Pandora does, but with learning objects searches/uses. Attention metadata characteristics: property (“their mine”), mobility (“I want to take them to the application I want”), economy (“If you want to use them to send me adds, pay for them”), transparency (“If you’re tracking me, I wanna know”).


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