Open Education 2006 Conference

Open Access and Open Educational Resources (OER) being a priority to the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Llorenç Valverde, Raquel Xalabarder, César Córcoles, Enric Senabre, Josep Maria Duart, Sònia Pais, Emma Kiselyova and I are attending/being sent to the Open Education 2006 Conference organized by the Center for Open and Sustainable Learning at Utah State University. For those following Susan D’Antoni‘s & team activity through the Open content for higher education forum, at least David Wiley should sound familiar, very familiar, to you.

My interests going there are many — among them, meeting back Susan and knowing personally David — but the most important being the reflection on the impact of the digital paradigm on intellectual property, one of the major revulsives on social issues for the XXI century. I’m specially interested on how it will affect socioeconomic development (my subject) and the diffusion of knowledge (my job), two subjects where ICT’s impact will be crucial.

If anybody’s attending too, please let me know.


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