The eInclusion Index – eIIx: A Riga Index

In the International Workshop “Towards a European Approach for Monitoring eInclusion” that took place last June 21st in Brussels — I wasn’t there, but the Internet was — Tobias Hüsing presented “The Digital Divide Index. Exploiting cross national survey data to quantify levels of e-exclusion”.

One of the most relevant aspects in his presentation is the birth (!?) of the eInclusion Index (eIIx). The index is also called “the Riga Index” in honour to the Ministerial Declaration on e-Inclusion signed on June 12th 2006 (not to be tanken for the Riga Declaration on the fight against money laundering). What this eIIx index will focus is in the groups in risk of e-exclusion. Thus, some of the variables from DiDix are taken apart to build this new eIIx and show what Riga is stressing. The problem is that a lot of data is missing as Riga definitions don’t exactly match those chosen by DiDix, thus the conclusion being that there’s a “need for analytical monitoring”, which I totally agree with.

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Peña-López, I. (2006) “The eInclusion Index – eIIx: A Riga Index” In ICTlogy, #34, July 2006. Barcelona: ICTlogy.
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