“e-Learning for Development: a model” 6,000 downloads

Just a year ago I posted about my PhD dissertation (last step towards the thesis) and uploaded it here:

with abstract and full text in a 1.1 Mb PDF licencesed under a Creative Commons by-nc-nd license. Yesterday the paper reached 6,000 downloads. Besides the paper, I have now 22 more references including all kind of articles and presentations, sometimes full text, sometimes the presentations, sometimes just the reference. Indeed, there are about 200 pages in the Wiki, more than 600 entries (authors and works) in the ICT4D Bibliography and 4 full text online educational resources at the ICT4D Courses repository. The blog has almost 400 total entries (including pages) and somewhere in the past it became a review with its own real ISSN: 1886-5208.

In October that’ll be 3 years with the site, that has become a real personal research portal, quite far in concept from the original blog. Next steps should be entering a new stage in the publication of the review, setting a board of editors, concrete fields of work, etc. Homework for my holidays. Any ideas will be welcome.


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