Free Software for Nonprofits

Katrin Verclas has a very good post about the use of free software in nonprofits. While the post is entitled Non-Profit Use of Open Source, as it mainly deals with the free software philosophy, I’d rather re-entitle it that way – if Richard Stallman ever reads this, I’ll surely make his day ;)

Katrin’s post has its origins in some musings around the NOSI Open Source Primer for Nonprofits, but then adds plenty of resources dealing with Free Software and Open Source solutions that nonprofits can use to enhance their capacity.

Worth bookmarking it :)


If you need to cite this article in a formal way (i.e. for bibliographical purposes) I dare suggest:

Peña-López, I. (2005) “Free Software for Nonprofits” In ICTlogy, #18, March 2005. Barcelona: ICTlogy.
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  1. A friend recently started to work for NPower, a NPO providing other NPOs with IT services.

    Too bad, this NPower is backed by Microsoft, and they are giving MS software for free (of charge) to NPOs who don’t always grasp the fact that using free software should be the IT side of their ideologic commitment.

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