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Reasons to set up the NGO’s intranet

Just a list of pros I sometimes am asked for and always have to think back.
You can also find some cons here: Reasons not to set up an intranet

  • Manage your communications amongst NGO members in a rational way
  • Keep in touch with people in your own headquarters, people in other organization’s offices and people in overseas destinations… within the same working framework
  • Manage knowledge: keep the organization information, content, data, services and applications, and people who know how under the same environment
  • Upload/download working documents and access them from wherever you are: headquarters, work, home, etc.
  • Privacy: some information just don’t need being published in the Internet at everybody’s reach… but should be at a browser’s reach for members
  • Help people feel they belong to the organization… even if they’re the last volunteer who signed in
  • Build places where people can talk collectively in an informal way… and in a formal one too
  • Know who’s who in the organization just one click away… and e-mail them or invite them to chat in the intranet’s instant messaging application
  • Set up online volunteering programs… in a well-organized way
  • Set up e-learning programs (some intranets can work as virtual learning environments too)


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Peña-López, I. (2004) “Reasons to set up the NGO’s intranet” In ICTlogy, #8, May 2004. Barcelona: ICTlogy.
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