Workstation 2.0: Nonprofit Online Evaluation Tools

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MyWorkstation, Innovation Network’s original flagship suite of online program planning and evaluation tools for nonprofits, made its debut in 1998. The Workstation was conceived as a way for Innovation Network to share our evaluation knowledge and experience with more nonprofits than we could reach directly with evaluation consulting and training.

Workstation 2.0 consists of three modules, available to nonprofits at no charge thanks to the generosity of our funding partners.

The Organizational Assessment Tool (or OAT) is for organizations who are interested in taking a look at their own capacity and effectiveness. (It makes sense to review your organization’s own structure and readiness before you begin using our program planning and evaluation tools.)

For detailed program and evaluation planning, we offer the Logic Model Builder™ and the Evaluation Plan Builder™. Both are designed to walk you through the processes of crafting a particular kind of planning framework (either a Logic Model or an Evaluation Plan), and to provide helpful information, examples, and resources along the way.


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