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I don’t like to spend lots of time writing about blogging because I feel the same way than watching some TV show dealing about some TV series: endogamic. The unique occasions I talk about the tool I use (and not its use) is to track down all the setup stuff: to get back where I got lost and to shine some light on someone coming behind.

All this digression is to introduce two people I’ve met by looking at my logs. Someone got here through Technorati and, well, I couldn’t help to “technorate” ICTlogy and found two (new) people linking me. Wow! They made my day!

One of the reasons I made this blog up was to get in touch with other people with similar interests, but this is becoming quite a hard thing to do. Finding people quoting me or considering me a Key EduBlogger makes me think I’m not alone and there’s people I can learn from.

Thanks Josephine and thanks Yan for being there and showing up :)))


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