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If you already know, is easy to understand: “ provides a collaboration engine, a portal for content developers and a hosting service (ASP) to provide customized Websites for individual collaborations […] to support “open course” collaborations of teachers, researchers and students developing learning objects in their discipline – particularly open, non-proprietary materials.”

I think this is great. There’re a good bunch of learning objects repositories but OpenCourse goes one step beyond and sets up a collaborative development environment for “open source” materials.

We’ve got open source LMSs.
We’ve got non-proprietary materials.
And we’ve got e-trainers online volunteers ;)

Making it at a bigger scale is a matter of time…


If you need to cite this article in a formal way (i.e. for bibliographical purposes) I dare suggest:

Peña-López, I. (2004) “” In ICTlogy, #6, March 2004. Barcelona: ICTlogy.
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