InterConnection enhances the visibility of non-profit organizations in developing countries.

We use an online network of Virtual Volunteers to provide organizations with professional quality websites, Internet hosting, and training at no or low-cost.

Websites help non-profit organizations obtain support for their social, environmental and humanitarian efforts and improve the quality of life globally.

InterConnection has provided website support to 101 non-profits in 40 countries.


InterConnection provides an online presence specifically to non-profit organizations in developing countries. Our web design services are refined for groups that are new to the web design process and have limited budgets. Since 1999, we have provided nearly 100 non-profits with websites in 26 countries. We have a unique understanding of this sectors needs and resources.

InterConnection’s web design services are carried out primarily by talented volunteers and professional web designers. This combination of volunteer and professional support allows us to meet the needs of organizations that range from non profits with a small budget to multi-national organizations that have specialized design and programming needs.

Our Services Include:
Virtual Volunteer Web Design
Web Site Hosting
Tech Support
Enhanced Solutions

Will they think of me as a non-profit and redesign my blog for free? ;)
I’ll surely add them in my links list.


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