I Deafblindness Spanish Virtual Congress

We’re planning to host the first Virtual Congress about Deafblindness in Spanish.

Ricard L髉ez, the Coordinator of the Congress, came and talked to us about the huge barriers deafblinds have to beat in their daily lives. And although the Internet has been one of the best tools ever met, they still have serious difficulties going along.

Organizing and running the Congress was no exception, and tools such as Yahoo Groups did not fit completely their needs. It looks like our platform does, so we’ll try and help them.

The Congress is held in Spanish, as there are other congresses English but not in Spanish, so Spaniards and Spanish speakers in Latin America are de facto banded from these meetings – yet one more barrier :(

It will take place from 1st to 30th April 2004, and you can contact Ricard himself for further information or get to their web site.

Inscription fee is 50 euros, but some people may have grants. All revenues will cover the producing costs of a “Strategies for Assessing Children who are Deafblind or have Multiple Disabilities” CD in its Spanish version. So, no profit at all.

All I can say is that I am completely overwhelmed of the great great great working power of the people engaged in this crusade, and I’ll do my best to help them in the whole process of catching people’s attention and educating one another in better knowing about the disability.

And, of course, once again think of the Internet as something that can create communication instead of destroying it, as all these fearful pessimistics use to say.


If you need to cite this article in a formal way (i.e. for bibliographical purposes) I dare suggest:

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