For Nonprofits, Web Is a Windfall

Nice article at about e-fundrising: “To not have a Web presence in today’s world is ridiculous,” said CEO Russell Robinson. “Our website has helped us reach 57,000 new donors over the past two or three years. We had no idea who these people were until then.”

Nevertheless, I guess we should be able to know whether this is actual rising of number of donors or just web shifting of old ones. I’m sure both statements are true but, in what amout?

On the other hand, I was told by Medecins Sans Frontieres in Spain that most of these donors were, in fact, no donors but members paying on-line. Yes, I know it’s quite the same, but donorship means you hit the right people the right place and each one of them is something you can count individually each time it comes back to you. Instead, membership is something once you got you shouldn’t count it twice. The money you get is the same, but not the return of the investment you made in building up your web strategy in individual impacts.

We’ll wait and see how numbers speak.

[Thanks to my colleagues and friends Csar Crcoles and Eloi Serra for the link]


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