The electronic pony express

[Via Gizmodo]


E-mail on wheels:

    You write an e-mail
    Send it – it stays in the outgoing mailbox
    A motorbike passes by near your computer carrying a laptop on his rear: both computers “speak” one to each other and your mail is transferred wirelessly to his laptop
    The biker goes round and round delivering the mails from his laptop to other computers and gathering more outgoing mails from these other computers
    Start the loop n-times
    At the end of the day the motorbiker reaches the big city were long distance mails (!) reach out for the Net and its furthest mailboxes and out-of-the-motorbike-network mails enter his inbox

Heartly thanks César for pointing this to me :)


If you need to cite this article in a formal way (i.e. for bibliographical purposes) I dare suggest:

Peña-López, I. (2004) “The electronic pony express” In ICTlogy, #4, January 2004. Barcelona: ICTlogy.
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