Virtual Forum on Free and Open Source Software for E-Learning (revisited)

I finally joined the Free Open Source Software for E-learning Forum.

The schedule of the Forum is as follows:

Session 1 (1-11 June)

  • FOSS ? what is it and what should you know about it?
  • FOSS for e-learning ? what are the pros and cons?

Session 2 (14-25 June)

  • FOSS solutions for e-learning

The debate is quite interesting, but I’d rather catch up will all the messages I’ve got pending of reading :(

Hope I can post here the conclusions :)


MAX: Madrid Linux

Yet another Linux distribution for educational purposes, now by the Community of Madrid Government.

Linex, Lliurex, MAX… what’s next?
The first time I heard of it (Linex) I was excited. Now, I’m concerned: why not find synergies and save energies and enhance the previous distributions instead of making brand new ones? I wonder it’s because every single politician must profit the “return of investment” of his own political actions. Sad, so sad. They’re just blowing up the most basic principles of free software and the internet commons: collaboration.

No details in MAX Web Site, so don’t know if they joined efforts with the other mentioned projects. Any one knows?

[thanks to Yolanda Franco for the point :) ]


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