UNESCO Free Software Portal

I’ve just added UNESCO Free Software Courseware Tools site to my e-Learning resources link section.

The link I found it at Harold’s blog, who also wrote about the UNESCO Free Software Portal.


e-Learning for e-Inclusion

(I’m going through though days…)

I know I had to have posted this long before.

el4ei.net, a EU funded project to:

  • develop national observatories compiling and linking information about experiences of the use of e-Learning for disadvantaged groups
  • create and encourage an European digital network of observatories
  • promote the participation and intercommunication of professionals taking part of digital learning processes for disfavoured people
  • develop an “European Charter of e-Learning for Digital Inclusion”
  • To disseminate the Charter all over Europe


Virtual Internships for Online Business Classes: A Project

Colleges and universities are engaging in virtual projects with developing countries throughout the world. Such projects give faculty an opportunity to collaborate with their peers, to conduct research, and to strengthen their organizations. Students who enroll in virtual internships or who participate in the project are able to gain experience in employing “appropriate technology” e-solutions in places where information sharing, education, training, and community and health support are desperately needed.

I found this in XPlanaZine

There’s a cute example following the lines I quoted but I don’t see whether it is a real example, ’cause it all starts with “colleges and universities are engaging in virtual projects” but I cannot see further information or links to some of these projects.

Anyway, the post is worth reading it and it’s just about a thing I’ve commented here zillions of times: content, content, content and services, services, services, this time carried on by students acting non-profit (well, they get some marks, but at least it is not about money)

By the way, Xplana has changed recently so now you just have to syndicate once and not three times (articles, whitepapers, interviews) as before.


MIT: more on OpenCourseWare and Open Knowledge Initiative:

Plenty of stuff in two articles by Graeme Daniel at wwwtools for education, with information about MITs OpenCourseWare and Open Knowledge Initiative.

Worth reading or, at least, scanning.

[via sierto]


Importance of deselecting media in elearning

Who Needs Multimedia discusses some of the myths surrounding media use for elearning. I think the focus is off. The real question of media use is not “is the technology sufficiently advanced”, but “does it help the learner and improve the learning experience”. If it doesn’t add to the learning experience, don’t use it…doesn’t matter how “cool” or cutting edge it is. I’ve come to view the deselection of formats/concepts/activities in the learning design process as (almost) more important than the formats/concepts/activities that are included.

From Open Artifact and him from elearnspace and him from L&T Magazine

If you add to “If it doesn’t add to the learning experience, don’t use it” the fact that sometimes this multimedia stuff makes it thougher to people with bad connectivity or poor desktops, specially in underdevelopped countries, it gets really important to take in consideration the use of multimedia no “matter how “cool” or cutting edge it is”. And I guess some of the myths the article tries to demythologize still are not that clear in some whereabouts.


Virtual Educa

Next week I’ll be at Virtual Educa, “a strategic international annual conference – a multilateral forum – where experts from the education, government and business sectors analyze and share their expertise on the application of new technologies, information and communication systems to the education and training fields while examining the role of e-learning on today’s knowledge society”

I’ve yet to decide what I will exactly be assisting, but it looks like I’m interested in:

Wednesday, 16th june, 15:30 – 17:30
Internet and rural development

Wednesday, 16th june, 17:30 – 19:00
International Organizations and their contributions to Educational IT

Thursday, 17th june, 15:30-17:30
Cooperation for Development and professional training

Friday, 18th june, 09:00-10:00
ICTs and Comprehensive development

Friday, 18th june, 15:30-18:00
e-Training for accessibility and social exclusion avoidance

As always, anything interesting I might find there, I’d try and post.

Feel free to meet me. Barcelona’s quite nice these days :)


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