Customizing Admin layout

I know it might be of no importance to noone, but as everything requires some effort, it is my commitment to track down all the steps I take in the setting up of the blog. If you ever happen to read this and find it of any value, I’ll consider me well payed back :)

I’ve customized the navigation bar of the admin layout so I can, apart of all the options set by default, access my webmail, my hosting admin shell and my hosting client account intranet. Too many sites to remember, don’t you agree? ;)

The file you have to edit is \wp-admin\b2menutop.txt (yo can see mine – all accesses protected with user/password, no wonder). The path I’ve had to follow to find it has been quite obscure, as there are three or four files embedded one into another until you reach the last (first?) one that matters.

Hope it helped.


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