Pro shifting

I finally set my mind and I will shift to a payment hosting service.

As I said before it was important to me not to depend on a random domain, with ads, pop-ups and so on and weird and not-site-related e-mail accounts.

The quest for the provider has been a real oddissey: too many parameters to take in consideration.

It looked quite clear that I only wanted one provider, i.e. domain management and hosting at the same place. loosed their train as they did not accept payment through credit card. So sorry for them: they were the first ones I saw and was decided to deal with them so I could end the whole thing as soon as possible.

As I wanted to do all the way on-line, I started again, this time in a deeper scope, running a little database I built in order to ease the comparison between all offers I could found regarding the maximum parameters possible.

Yesterday I contracted Server-Spain, Server-United Spain’s division. Looks nice. Enough disk room, good transference quota and all services needed concerning domain asministration and site management. Notice their hotline service through chat: I did appreciate the kind attention I got yesterday afteernoon by user “Sales” :)

I guess I’d be migrating all the stuff in to the new server and domain ( as soon as everything is mirrored and I have a couple of minutes to sit on my desktop.

Thanks again to César Córcoles whose patiente is more than over due. Hugs! :)


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