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Right: this is not my resume, but I think you all deserve some explanation on who’s writing this blog and why.

My name is Ismael Peña and we struggle everyday trying to keep the Campus for Peace, the UOC’s programme for cooperation for development and solidarity, a useful thing for those engaged with development with the help of Information and Communication Technologies.

I landed in the Campus for Peace in 2001 and, since then:

  • we’ve set up e-learning projects in the fields of sensibilization, corporate training and capacitation for development, including the implementation of learning management systems (LMS) and all the training for (e-)trainers required to rule the projects
  • we’ve built up intranets that have been used by NGOs, foundations, etc. to manage their own organizations and projects, define strategic plans, discuss all kinds of subjects in the whole spectrum of depth
  • we’ve made (external) web projects dealing with non-profit projects fundraising, human rights sensibilization, etc.
  • and, all in all, actions with the aim of easing the use of ICTs for the third sector and spread the word ;) of how these technologies can change the way we work and see the world

As our corporate site just shows our final results (specially the catalan and spanish versions) and not what I have learnt in the way, this blog is intended to share with all of you the knowledge I might have gathered these last years and the thoughts this might have suggested.

I’ve done speeches about these subjects in some cities in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla…), Bonn (Germany, at the United Nations Volunteers headquarters – the people there were so G.R.E.A.T.!), San Pedro Sula (Honduras) and Olympia (Greece – in fact, this was before I entered the Campus for Peace).

I’ve also written some articles I’ll try to (re)publish here (translated or in the original language) and, so far, no books at all ;)

I live near Barcelona. I speak Catalan and Spanish (mother tongues – bilingual, yes), English, French, German (just a bit – ein bißchen Deutch, my favourite answer when asked ;) and now I’m into Arabic (wish me luck and patience – I really enjoy it!). I paraglide and play tenor sax – not at the same time (yet).

Of course, this blog expresses my opinion and not necessary Campus for Peace‘s nor UOC‘s.


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