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Now I’m into the customization of the site. I don’t know whether I should do this now or wait till I know if I’ll migrate to the pro hosting service.

Anyway, font size and family was a must so far: first paragraph always showed bigger than the rest and didn’t like “Lucida” at all.

Change of CSS and that’s all.
HINT: DO edit <p> and <body> tags in the CSS file. Defaults are not, IMHO, correctly defined and first paragraph fonts will always be 10% bigger than the following ones (actually, following ones will be 10% smaller – not exactly the same)


Setting up…

See if I can track down what I’ve been doing so far in my way to blog me in the Net. It looks easy now that it’s done, but, as far as I can remember, it was not a few days ago, when all I knew about blogs was their existance.

So. First thing I did was some field work in order to know the best option. First choose was:

  • remote blog
  • install my own blog somewhere

I choosed last one.

Next step, was wich one might I choose. Following some (I guess) good advices the prize went to WordPress, now running version 0.72 (btw, thanks a lot to Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, whom I might never know personally but feel I’m in some kind of debt with them).

After downloading and unzipping I uploaded all the stuff in a free hosting service, You can see a little advertisement at the end of each page. Run install and, hop! ICTlogy was born.

Nevertheless, mmm, this advertisement thing and my will to get things done properly (i.e. domain of my own, e-mail adresses according to same domain, etc.) are making me think of buying and rent some pro hosting service. Lotta offers, thousands of them! I’ll see and try, whose Pack Plus seems to fit all my needs (domain management, php, mysql) at the lowest rate.

Keep informing.


Local Televisions

Just came back from an interview: a local TV programmes producer interviewed me (and some workmates) so we explained what the Campus for Peace was all about.

The interview and the whole thing is supposed to be broadcasted in some local TVs in the area of Barcelona.

Not very fond of it but… nice experience anyway ;)


There we go (About ICTlogy)

[Updated: 1st dec. 2003]

Some people have asked, some just dared not. What does ICTlogy stand for?
Ok, for those not familiar with this jargon:

ICTlogy = ICT + logy
ICT: Information and Communication Technologies, say, Internet and all this stuff.
-logy: literally, study of; “used at the end of some nouns that refer to a particular science or subject” (Collins)

Thus, ICTlogy, a place that deals with ICT and their (social) uses.

By the way, I pronounce it ai-see-TEE-lo-gee

Though it will surely focus in some subjects of more or less common interest, I’ll try to keep it within the boundaries of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) applied to non-profit goals or, to be more specific, to development, cooperation for development, NGO management and so on.

So, I want to talk about:

  • knowledge management
  • intranets and networking
  • e-learning
  • e-volunteering
  • all this in the field of development (did I say this before? ;)

Heartly thanks to the Campus for Peace team for helping me in my way to gather this bunch of knowledge I’m supposed to be sharnig.

Zillions of thanks also go to César Córcoles whose help was of most value to set up this blog and to keep ruling it. Trust me: I face a difficult payback :)

Sincere thanks to José Luis Orihuela from whom I learned so much in such little time and, I guess, gave me the final “go, blog it!”.