CSS fixing and links managing

By Ismael Peña-López
ICTlogy (ISSN 1886-5208). Issue #4, January 2004


Well, hum, er… a week since last post. Quite a lot of work, no time to connect from home, dissappearing modem drivers and no connection possible during weekend… :((

Just time to fix some styles that were making my bookmarks look as hell since last update to WordPress 1.0 (I’ve been told it’s time to update to 1.0.1…) and reorganize them to make them more readable and understandable (why are they there, why should one go and look into them, etc.)

I have plenty to be done: 3 articles at Linia Vallès, my speech at my last seminar (two hour long, wow!) and two more articles, one of them republished several times in different places.

I guess it’s time for a break… :PP

ICTlogy Review

  • ISSN 1886-5208