ICTlogy goes pagerank 5: did I miss something!?

By Ismael Peña-López
ICTlogy (ISSN 1886-5208). Issue #3, December 2003


Since last Google pagerank update this page has reached pagerank 5, which has quite amazed me:

  • I don’t have lots of visits – actually, I have few visits
  • I don’t think I’m being linked by more than a couple of friends and a bunch of web spiders

So, how did I get to pagerank 5!?

The only reasons I find are:

  • There’s not really many people around blogging on ICT4D such as e-learning, e-volunteering, intranets and knowledge management, an so.
  • I try and not write about plenty of things but just the previous subjects – there’s some exceptions, as this post ;)
  • I’ve been (luckily) spotted at the Development Gateway, a site with a quite high pagerank (8)

Now that I’m using PowerPhlogger to manage my site visits/logs I see funny things such as being listed #2 in Google searching the string “kinds of freedom”, which should be coped by GNU/Linux pages.

I like to see people bumping into my page searching for “opensource ware” or “opensource lms” but it’s more surprising to find me through “mit opencourse”. The most surprising yet came last Wednesday: somebody got here through “opencourseware berklee”: fun, Berklee itself did not appear in none of the 40 results listed by Google.

So, what’s going on out there with Google? :O

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  1. We have an identical situation. We get about 25 visitors a day (since this is our corporate website, rather than our content website) and we have not updated it much. It has only about 30 pages and we have never really promoted it. However, it has been around since 1999. Oh the mysteries of Google!

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