Fourth Annual ICT4D Postgraduate Symposium (VI). ICTs and Communication Workshop

By Ismael Peña-López
ICTlogy (ISSN 1886-5208). Issue #72, September 2009


Notes from the Fourth IPID ICT4D Postgraduate Symposium 2009, held in the Royal Holloway University of London, Egham, United Kingdom, on September 11-12th, 2009. More notes on this event: ict4d_symposium_2009.

Communication Workshop
Chairs: Christian Christensen

Communicative practices are framed — or explicit — organizational and power structures. The interest in ICTs and communicative practices is specially in who performs what communicative practices. Under this point of view, it is also interesting to see how ICTs can impact or change organizations and power.


How ICTs can help build communities by creating knowledge sharing systems.

What’s the purpose of communication?

Socioeconomic status, culture, trust… can act as enablers or barriers to communication.

ICTs are struggling the power structures.

[most interesting session, though difficult to report]

Fourth Annual ICT4D Postgraduate Symposium (2009)

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