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Enter Forum (II). Victòria Camps: How to educate in an audiovisual environment?


Notes from the Enter Forum, 1st International Internet Privacy Forum, organized by the CCCB – Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, and held in Barcelona, June 16-18, 2014. Victòria CampsHow to educate in an audiovisual environment? When looking at cyberspace, we have to avoid being apocalyptic or integrated (à la Umberto Eco). It is “just” a different way to get information, to communicate, to buy, to engage people (in politics), etc. So, we cannot moralize over a world that is deeply and quickly changing from the point of view of an ancient regime that is fading away. We have to try and be objective. And the question is: is the Network a progress? Always? The Internet has made some physical characteristics (race, gender…) irrelevant for discourse, has desacralized the centres of wisdom and creation of knowledge, has decentralized (or shifted) the centres of knowledge. On the other hand, knowledge is increasingly vulnerable in the Information Society: being informed is not the same thing as knowing something. The Internet has proven to be a revolution for political engagement, as it contributes in building community. One of the most important rights in this new Internet-led age is the freedom of expression. But every right of freedom has to have its limits, and the limits of freedom of expression are privacy and honour. And what happens with the respect to one’s own privacy? That is, what happens when people do things on the Internet that they would never do offline. Are we losing intimacy? Is there a right to be forgotten? Democracy can be deeply changed thanks to the Internet, but we need lots of good information so that we can decide on solid ground. But who certifies what is quality information? We need new professionals — or traditional professionals focussing on specific tasks — that filter and certify good information: journalists, teachers… What happens with intellectual property? It is property as in the offline world. On the Internet, we need self-regulation and self-regulation means education: formal education, education within the family. This post originally published at ICT4D Blog as Enter Forum (II). Victòria Camps: How to educate in an audiovisual environment?

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