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VIII Forum on Education (II). Seminar on innovation in education: making up a hypothetical case of educational innovation


Notes from the Forum on Education. Innovation and networking, organized by the Institute of Education Sciences (ICE-UAB) and the Institute of Government and Public Policies (IGOP), and held in Bellaterra (Barcelona), Spain, in January 10 and 11, 2014. More notes on this event: 9forumice. Seminar on innovation in education: making up a hypothetical case of educational innovationChairs: Quim Brugué, UAB-IGOP. In groups of 4-5 people make up a hypothetical case of educational innovation. This is what happened in my group. Needs

Autonomy. Collaboration.

Deficits, challenges

Compartmentalization of learning. Compartmentalization of the curriculum. No work for competences, focus on certification. Assessing content vs. skill-centred processes (not skills). Teaching skills, professional identity. Specialization vs. pedagogical skills. Excessive focus of the educational system towards the university. Academicist vision. Lack of answers for diversity, for flexibility. The system focuses on providing answers, not on putting good questions. Censorship to critical thinking, servitude to the authority. Passiveness, inertia, comfortability.

Conceptual turn

Lay out questions instead of providing answers. Projects instead of subjects. Multidisciplinarity. Work teams instead of class groups. Oral exposition. That the students prepare topics and share what they know. That students can bring in their own knowledge. Learning with a purpose. Cotutoring.

Proposals for intervention

Importance of the role of student. Empowering the student. Change of roles of teachers. E.g. students leading their own assessment meetings with teaching staff and parents.

Operational turn, organizational changes.

Changes in the learning environments, that not everything “happens in presence of” the teacher. Shift towards personal learning environments (PLEs). Spark learning through questions (the teacher puts questions, instead of providing answers). Be able to welcome questions (the teacher is able to manage the questions of the students). Transform assessment centred in learning (of skills). Change schedules to generate a reflective practice of the teaching staff upon what they are doing.

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