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Ismael Peña-López

ICT4D Blog


The Chief Research Officer in consultancy firms

It is not unusual to hear that the university and consultancy firms go opposite ways: for the former, spending too much time in knowledge transfer has huge costs of opportunity, for it is time not invested on publishing in impact scientific journals; for the latter, most research just cannot be easily included in the client's bill.

What follows is just a simple exercise on how to embed research in consultancy, so that it does not become a mere overhead but an activity that has a direct measurable impact on the value chain. The scheme presents to sets (columns) of tasks that ...

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Sociedad Red Blog


¿Tecnología o Sociedad de la Información? Una propuesta para el nuevo gobierno catalán

Fotografía de una réplica de la piedra Rosetta
Rosetta, cortesía de Mini OzzY.

La pasada legislatura fue un revulsivo a muchos niveles. El actual modelo de desarrollo de Sociedad de la Información no ha escapado a esta crisis. El caso más conocido, quizás, ha sido el papel central del Centro de Telecomunicaciones y Tecnologías de la Información (CTTI) y el Centro de Seguridad de la Información de Cataluña (CESICAT) en todo lo que ha hecho referencia a infraestructuras de comunicaciones y seguridad. Hemos tenido, sin embargo, también un interesante debate ...

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Case study. decidim.barcelona, Spain

Cover for the case study of decidim.barcelona
decidim.barcelona (Spain), case study

The last report of the collaboration with IT for Change has just been published: decidim.barcelona, Spain. Voice or chatter? Case studies. It belongs to the research project titled Voice or Chatter? Using a Structuration Framework Towards a Theory of ICT-mediated Citizen Engagement, and produced with the financial support of Making All Voices Count, a programme working towards a world in which open, effective and participatory governance is the ...

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Report. Evaluation of the Open Data for Development program

Cover of the report for the Evaluation of the Open Data for Development program

From October 2016 to June 2017, Manuel Acevedo and I conducted the evaluation of the Open Data for Development program, a USD 15 million initiative (direct plus indirect funding) led by IDRC, the Government of Canada, The World Bank and DFID / UK Aid.

This has been a terrific experience on many levels. The most important one was acknowledging how advanced the field ...

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