NGO-in-a-box: Open Publishing Edition

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By Ismael Peña-López (@ictlogist), 17 January 2007
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The Open Publishing Edition of NGO-in-a-box is a toolkit of Free and Open Source software, tutorials and guides for producing, publishing and distributing content. The Edition, produced by Tactical Tech in collaboration with iCommons, is aimed at small to medium sized non-profits, independent media organisations, free culture creators and grassroots journalists with a particular emphasis on those in developing and transition countries.

Good compilation of resources to, as said before, publish content and do it on a free/open basis. The compilation has three main sections:

  • Tools, with the main free software applications to manage your content, be it text be it images, on your desktop or online, etc.
  • Projects – How To…, with concrete, practical examples on how to carry on the most common tasks
  • Resources, with outlinks to Tactical Tech guides for content diffusion

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Besides this main navigation architecture, there’s still room for an Introduction to Open Publishing, other resources and live CDs. A very good work… and reference.

If you need to cite this article in a formal way (i.e. for bibliographical purposes) I dare suggest:

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Peña-López, I. (2007) “NGO-in-a-box: Open Publishing Edition” In ICTlogy, #40, January 2007. Barcelona: ICTlogy.
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  1. hi Ismael

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    How fun to come across the NGO-in-a-box project here. Hivos, the organization I work for, supports and makes available (together with the Open Society Institute, OSI) the NGO-in-a-box security edition to our partner organizations.

    Its purpose is to broaden the user’s knowledge about ‘digital insecurities’ and equip them with the necessary tools to secure their computer activities, online privacy and information exchange. The project also promotes freedom of expression and the right to privacy. Our partners work predominantly in the field of human rights, civil society building, etc., often in societies where freedom of expression is not a given. As such it is of great importance that the ICT-resources they have available are secure, and this is the niche that this toolkit jumps into.

    Just wanted to share this to illustrate that yes, these things are really used, and more than a philosophical advantage of the toolkit being open source, it fulfills a critical function to support the work of activists and human rights defenders around the world.

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